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Pool Safety Nets

A pool net is an amazingly effective way to decrease the number of accidents that can occur in and around your pool area while still preserving the views of your pool. A pool safety net may be the ideal pool barrier for you for many reasons. Our custom pool nets are manufactured to fit your pool shape and are designed to sit just inches above that water and are often colored blue making them practically unnoticeable. The polyethylene material used in our nets is incredibly strong and durable and the openings in our nets are approximately 3.5 inches and are small enough in size to prevent an unattended child’s head from going through.

As with all of our products, our Pool Nets are manufactured to the highest standards and have been independently tested to meet and exceed Florida pool barrier codes, and have been certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM) to ensure that you and your family remain safe. All of our pool nets have been coated in a UV stabilized inhibitor to help resist fading and deterioration and come with marine-grade stainless steel clips and anchors to secure your net. After the installation has been completed, we will then train you on how to remove and reinstall your net on your own, which is fairly easy to remove and put back on. Pool Guard uses a series of pulleys and ratchets that are unlike anything on the market today, making removal and reinstallation of your pool net easy to navigate. If giving your family peace of mind while still retaining the views of your pool is what’s best for you, then a safety pool net is the way to go.

Safety is our priority at Pool Safety Fence of Florida! Contact Pool Safety Fence of Florida today and we will be there promptly to measure your pool, design a net, and send you a free estimate. Serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Port Charlotte.

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Knowledge Base: Pool Safety Nets

Pool Guard of Naples provides its customers with answers to questions that they may have. If you don’t see the answer to a question below, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Each net consists of 3.5 inch nylon mesh, the net also has UV stabilized inhibitors that help resist fading from the sun, shrinkage and deterioration.

Because we work with pool and home builders we are required to have our nets tested to meet Florida’s ASTM standards. The nets are built to support up to 485 pounds. Pool Guard nets not only meet, but exceed all safety standards.

While a child’s limbs will be able to go through the holes in the net, they are not big enough for the body to go through.

Installation Questions

The net had stainless steel hooks which are spaced every 22 inches. The hooks are inserted in to a flush mounted anchor that is virtually unnoticable if the net is ever removed. The anchors will stay in place permanently so the net can be attached and removed endlessly.

No, pool fence holes are 1 ⅛ inch in diameter, much larger than the 3/4ths inch pool net holes.


Pool Guard Pool Nets have to be customized to the shape of the pool, so each net is unique, however, if you have a standard size pool, it shouldn’t take more than five hours to complete the installation

Generally you are looking at two to three weeks. If you have extenuating circumstances though, we can work with you.

An average size pool will take about five to six minutes to remove the net.

An average size pool will take about seven to eight minutes.


Yes, the net has a CTS, short for central tightening system, which is simple to use and can be operated by one person. All hooks can be inserted and removed into the anchors by one person as well.

Pouring chemicals onto the net can definitely damage the net. The solution is to use a funnel placed between the net strings and carefully pour in the chemicals. This allows you to pour chemicals into the pool while the net is installed.

Of course, Pool Guard technicians have all been trained to install nets on pools, mili ponds, lily ponds, duck ponds and fish ponds.

Other Questions

Each barrier has it’s advantages and disadvantages, pool nets tend to be a better option for those that don’t have young children under 3 years of age.

Yes, the net is designed to sit about a foot above the water’s surface and the pool equipment cleaning wires can easily fit through the net holes.

Yes, the nets are designed to be shaped according to whatever the feature is. The nets can be attached to the waterfall or rockfeatures with a special anchor that Pool Guard uses.