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Pool Safety Fences

The number one cause of accidental death in children under 6 is drowning and all it takes is a split second for a tragedy to occur. With all of the distractions in the world today, not having a pool fence is a risk you do not want to take. Let Pool Safety Fence of Florida be your first line of defense in keeping your family safe and bring you the peace of mind that you and your family deserve Our incredibly durable pool safety fence mesh and poles are manufactured solely for pool safety fence use only and are designed to follow the contours of your pool providing you with 360 degrees of protection all year round. We use 6063 marine-grade aluminum posts with quad-core reinforcements set at 36 inches apart to provide you with the strongest and most protective barrier possible. Our interlocking premium mesh fence comes in a variety of colors and can be taken down easily within minutes along with our rounded child-proof safety latches, which are made to withstand all types of weather conditions without ever corroding or rusting. A non-climbable, self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable gate is always recommended and our patented A-frame-designed door with Magna Latch technology automatically closes and locks after each pass-through. Our self-closing gate can be placed anywhere in the pool fence system you like, even if you already have an existing pool safety fence already in place. All of our fences are designed to be ultra-transparent and we offer a range of aesthetically pleasing looks while providing you with the safety you’d expect. With you are getting the strongest and most reliable removable mesh pool fence on the market today.

Pool safety is not an option when it comes to keeping your kids and pets safe and a pool safety fence is one of the most important layers of protection you can use to ensure your family stays safe and protected. Every pool fence at SPF fences is certified by the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) and has been tested to meet and exceed all Florida state barrier codes. We also provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty that provides protection against manufacturer defects in material, parts, and construction. Additionally, you will receive prompt, reliable, and professional installation services as well as full-time customer support that comes with having over 15 years of experience in the pool fence industry. We are confident that a pool safety fence from Pool Safety Fence of Florida is the best way to keep your family and friends safe but should never be substituted for adult supervision, which is always recommended and advised.

Pool Safety Fence of Florida is a proud distributor of Pool Guard products for the Western Coast of Florida. From Pool Guard’s patented self-closing gates to its lock stitched and premium UV-dipped mesh, Pool Guard is the leading manufacturer of the most cutting-edge products available in the pool safety industry today. All of our products are proudly made in the USA and because we are a direct manufacturer, we offer the best products at the best prices. Although our fences are incredibly tough and durable they will not withstand a tropical storm or hurricane-force winds and must be removed in these cases.
Safety is our priority at Pool Safety Fence of Florida! Contact us today to schedule a free pool fence consultation at your home. Serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Port Charlotte. Pool Safety Fence of Florida also offers free “contactless” virtual estimates (restrictions may apply) and can perform installations without direct contact upon request.


Woof! Meow! Do you consider your pet to be a part of your family? A lot of us go to extreme efforts to protect our furry friends. Even if your pet is able to swim, most pets like to drink pool water which can cause them to become ill over time. A customized pool fence is a great way to keep your pets away from the water and ensure their safety. We are happy to create a smaller customized fence to keep your pets happy and safe and can even section off parts of your yard, limiting your pet’s access to certain areas. All of this can be discussed during your consultation.

Seawall & Dock Fencing

There can be many benefits to having a seawall fence, such as lowering your liability, keeping critters out, and creating a safe environment for both children and guests. If you are lucky enough to live near the water then installing a safety fence may be vital for the safety of your family, your pets, and for your visitors. The good news is that with our ultra-transparent mesh fencing, you won’t have to sacrifice safety for the views that you love. From boat docks to sea walls, our durable fencing can be installed practically anywhere. Contact us for a free on-site evaluation to ensure that your property is as safe as it can possibly be.

Commercial Properties

Attention Condominiums and Apartment complexes! Did you know our removable pool safety fence systems are required for all commercial condominiums and apartments in the state of Florida? All pool fences for both condominiums and apartments must be at least 48 inches high with a self-closing, self-latching gate.  Call Pool Safety Fence of Florida for a free on-site evaluation to ensure that your property is as safe as it can possibly be.

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Some of Our Installed Pool Fences

Knowledge Base: Pool Safety Fences

Pool Guard of Naples provides its customers with answers to questions that they may have. If you don’t see the answer to a question below, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Fence Poles

6063 marine grade aluminum. Zinc and Magnesium are added to the smelting process. The poles do not rust, are strong, and have two cross sections in the middle. The poles are ASTM certified.

No, they have a quad core that runs the length of the pole from the bottom all the way to the top.

No, 6063 marine grade aluminum is highly resistant, if not impervious to rust.

With the addition of zinc and magnesium, the microscopic holes that normally exist in aluminum are filled. Combine that with our powerful powder coat paint (that’s right, made right here in Florida) and you will never see our pole’s paint chip.

Pool Guard poles are engineered to withstand (and certified) at least 58 pounds of pressure. The poles being ASTM certified meet or exceed all state requirements.

Pool Deck & Holes

We use a 1 1⁄8 in-core drill bit to create a hole that is the same size (1 1/8).

The plastic sleeves are what’s inserted into the deck for the fence poles to fit into and are spaced every 36 inches.

We will replace the plastic sleeve free of charge.

Every installation comes with Deck Caps, which can be placed in the empty holes when not in use.

The Deck Caps fit easily into the plastic sleeves that are installed into the deck and instantly cover the holes. They should always be kept in a safe place in case you’d like to use them once your pool fence is removed from the deck.

Fence Mesh

No, the Pool Guard Fence will not fade because it’s manufactured right here in Florida and created with protectants and UV stabilizers to withstand all of the harsh elements our state has to offer.

Don’t worry, our Pool Guard fence is easy to repair.

If you need to freshen your fence up, we suggest hosing it down with water and whisking it with a soft bristled brush or a broom.

In this case, both the inside and the outside of the fence should be hosed down
immediately, especially in the area where it was splashed.

No, towels should never be placed on the pool fence. A towel could cause the trim to lean to one side because the trim is not meant to hold weight in a vertical position. There’s also a possibility that chlorine could be transferred from the towel to the fence which may lead to damage.

The main difference between the two are the materials used in the mesh. The standard fence is made with marine grade vinyl while the premium fence is nylon based and dipped in a protective UV coating to prevent it from fading. The premium fence also has border stitching and is enhanced with a lock stitch. The premium fence has a stronger mesh with a more transparent look.


In most cases it takes no longer than 10 minutes.

It’s all relative to the size of your pool but it generally takes no longer than 10 minutes to remove it and maybe a few more minutes to put the fence back into place.

An average installation runs between 2-4 hours.


A permit is always needed for new construction, which normally falls under the master builder permit. In most cases, no permit is required for an existing pool.

Yes, we can for a fee.

Every city is different. We suggest you always check with your local building and zoning department.

Fence Routes

Yes, it’s possible to connect the fence to one of the vertical posts within the screen enclosure.

Yes, we’re able to connect the pool fence to your house, in fact, it’s frequently requested.

We recommend marking the bottom of each first pole of each section with a consecutive number or letter so you’ll be able to put the fence back in the correct order.

Yes, there’s an extra charge for this type of installation because it’s more labor intensive.

We’re able to install 3 manual openings free of charge.

Storage & Storms

Yes, if strong winds are in the forecast then the pool fence should be taken down. The fence can be removed very easily in a matter of minutes.

Your pool fence can easily be rolled up and stored wherever it’s convenient, such as the garage. We recommend keeping it out of the elements.

Strength & Deterrent

No, your kids will not be able to climb over the fence because there are no bars for your children to get a foothold on. The fence was designed with safety in mind and is a deterrent but we always recommend adult supervision when there are children present.

Warranty & Insurance

There’s a warranty for both the standard and premium fences. The standard fence comes with a 5 year warranty and the premium fence has a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

Yes, we’re fully licensed and insured.